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Liverpool Centre of Mission 

The Liverpool Centre Of Mission, based in the parish of Norris Green, was launched in November 2017. This is a strategic partnership between the diocese, the parish of St Christopher’s and Church Army. The Parish of Norris Green is based close to the centre of Liverpool. It is an area of social need but also there is much regeneration and new housing being built. Paul Smith, Lead Evangelist, and Cherith Withington, Pioneer Evangelist, assist the running of a foodbank which has a strong focus on listening to, befriending and praying with those attending, leading assemblies. They also teach RE lessons in two local Primary Schools and have a men's football ministry. The Liverpool Centre of Mission is developing a toddler church and a community garden focused on prayer and support for the most vulnerable in their community. Paul is also involved with Merseyside Christian Youth Camps and supports individuals experiencing mental ill-health. Read the latest news from Paul and Cherith in their newsletter.

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Carolyn Kinsman, 21/06/2017