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HARLEsTON Centre of Mission

The Harleston Centre of Mission serves a group of villages in a rural part of south Norfolk, mostly between the towns of Harleston and Diss. Lead Evangelist Trevor Clarke is helping people hear about Jesus for the first time and encouraging nearby churches to be Good News in their communities. The Harleston Centre of Mission is a partnership between Church Army and the Diocese of Norwich in the Deanery of Redenhall. Redenhall deanery is made up of 30 Churches in the southern part of Norfolk and, although the scenery is attractive, there is a deep social need. In 2018, for example, the local foodbanks could not cope with demand. The Harleston Centre of Mission’s key objectives are to nurture faith in an appropriate Christian community and inspire mission and evangelism within the deanery and the Diocese of Norwich. Its work includes: Mentoring young people struggling in school or at home; Midweek Mingle, a weekly group where support is given to parents and others who find themselves in challenging situations; Chatty Church; and their fortnightly Prayer Breakfast, which supports the mission team in prayer with mission and evangelism as the focus. You can read more about Trevor and the work of the Harleston Centre of Mission in their latest newsletter.

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