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Blackpool Centre of Mission

Blackpool has some of the most deprived estates in the country, and the residents of the Grange Park estate face some of the greatest challenges. Grange Park has a reputation of having high levels of unemployment, poor educational standards, crime and drugs. Launched in June 2018, Blackpool Centre of Mission is an exciting partnership between Church Army and the Diocese of Blackburn to breathe new Christian life into the estate and the deanery of Blackpool. Led by Evangelist Matthew Rowley, the centre of mission has established a Sunday afternoon service , the weekly Kidz Klub and a Tuesday study group. Matthew and the team in Blackpool long for the local church to serve the community in practical ways, and looking forward, they will offer their experience and gifts in evangelism to the churches of Blackpool as a resource for mission and fullfil the Church Army DARE strategy. You can read the latest newsletter from the Blackpool Centre of Mission here.

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