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Playfully Serious

Messy Church research - a deeper study of the effects of Messy Church


Findings booklet

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With Church Army's Research Unit
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Portfolio of research papers

Papers and reports can be downloaded by clicking on the pictures or text links in red below
How did we define discipleship?
Paper: Discipleship Definitions
What did the leaders tell us?
Report: Managing the Mess
What did the attenders tell us?
Report: What Goes on Inside
Godly Play Crosses Flower
What did the statistics tell us?
Report: Painting with Numbers
What happened to those who left?
Short report: Messy Leavers
Life after a Messy Church has stopped?
Report: Messy lifespan analysis
Forest Girl Heart
Who conducted this research?
Strand leaders
How did we approach this research?
What did the literature tell us?
Paper: Messy Church Maturity
Red Red Family