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Mission Under Lockdown 

How have Church Army evangelists and others in the Church Army family been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? In June 2020, Church Army's Research Unit produced two reports to begin to answer this question.

Mission Under Lockdown - Church Army Centres of Mission

This report summarises the findings of interviews with evangelists from 21 Church Army Centres of Mission conducted during April and May 2020. It describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting Centres of Mission and the different ways in which Centres of Mission are responding.

You can read the report here.

Mission Under Lockdown - Church Army Mission Community and Staff

At the start of May 2020, members of the Church Army family were invited to take part in a brief survey about their experiences of ministry under lockdown. This online survey was completed by 75 people, including Church Army staff, evangelists (both active and retired), those in Centres of Mission, and other Mission Community members. This report summaries the findings and responses of this survey.

You can read it here.

For more on how Church Army key workers are continuing to support vulnerable and isolated individuals during the coronavirus pandemic, visit Church Army’s COVID-19 video diaries.

Andrew Wooding, 22/06/2020