Carolyn Kinsman, 11/05/2018
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Give them hope for their future

“Before I gave my life to Jesus I used to be a troublemaker on the streets, getting into police chases and everything. I used to break stuff, break cars up, a lot of stuff that was illegal”.

Sobering words from 15-year-old Tyler from Abbey Wood in South East London.

This year we’ve been celebrating our work with children and young people. We’re passionate about – and immensely proud of - this work. It breaks our hearts that any young person’s future is stolen from them by the drug, crime and gang culture that has arisen out of poverty.

Psalm 78:4 says “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done”. Knowing God’s love transforms young people’s lives. That’s why we go to them, meeting them where they are beyond the walls of the traditional church. Watch our film to see how one young person's life has been transformed at our Greenwich Centre of Mission.

Stories like Tyler’s give us hope and propel us on. Their stories show just how risky life is for these young people. They also offer hope that a better future is possible for all the vulnerable teens our evangelists work with.

Thanks to supporters like you Tyler has come to faith and has hope for his future. Can you help us ensure that we reach more young people? You can offer them more than the despair of drugs and gang culture.
Church Army Evangelist Nicholas Lebey says, “Seeing some of their lives turned around I say to myself, if it can happen for this young person it can happen for the others”.

Nicholas Lebey works with over 80 young people from deprived neighbourhoods every week, at our Greenwich Centre of Mission. He is reaching them with the gospel in creative and relevant ways through:

  • Youth clubs
  • Mentoring
  • Christian summer festivals
  • After school drop-ins
  • Lunch clubs in secondary schools
  • A fresh expression of church

It costs Church Army £72,000 to fund Greenwich Centre of Mission.

This Christmas, with your help, our goal is to raise £30,000 to contribute to the annual running costs.

If you believe that every young person needs to know the love of God, and the hope of a better future, a gift today will ensure our vital work continues and more lives are transformed.

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It’s so simple and easy to donate to our work with young people:
You can give to our appeal online
Or by texting TELL18 £25 to 70070
Thirdly, by calling our fundraising team on 0300 123 2113.

If you'd like to read more stories of lives transformed, click here to go to our stories page.
Carolyn Kinsman, 25/10/2018