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If you’re really feeling adventurous and are well connected, you could ask for a local café or restaurant to have a folk and food night. Ask a local folk musician to donate one evening and then get the restaurant to sell tickets in advance. Those ticket sales support Church Army. The restaurant benefits from a full house of people buying food and the musician might sell their CD’s if they have any or get further paid bookings as a direct result. Everyone’s a winner!


We all like a cup of tea and a slice of cake don’t we so you could challenge people in your church to a Bake-Off and then sell off slices of cake with a cup of tea and all proceeds to Church Army. You could do it after a church service or hold a special tea party, invite the neighbourhood and show a Church Army film or even give a short talk about those we help with the money.


Who do you know that has a lovely large garden they could open up to the community? Charge a pound for entry and sell strawberries and cream, butterfly buns and enjoy a glass of Pimms perhaps on one of those long lingering warm summer days? You could maybe ask the local garden centre to donate some plants to sell off too. Alternatively, you might want to have a BBQ and show off your cooking skills, sing some songs round a camp fire and toast marshmallows! Scrummy!

GET Baking!

This is a simple baking idea that is bound to bless your friends and family. Bake up a batch of yummy cookies and take them to church or work with a tub for donations to Church Army. Why not order some of our resources to go alongside them so that people can find out more about our work at the same time as enjoying a delicious snack!


People have small value holdings of shares and other investments for many different reasons, and such small amounts of shares are often difficult or even impossible to dispose of because of the costs involved. ShareGift provides a solution. Even if you have just one or two shares ShareGift can help you deal with the problem, and in a charitable way. Simply visit their website for more information and to donate, and then request for money to be donated to Church Army.
Carolyn Kinsman, 31/05/2017